Corporate Events
08 Nov 2021
Ronald To joins the Lawyers Associated Worldwide AGM

Members of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) were excited to get together again in the Virtual AGM from 28 to 30 October 2021.  Ronald To, our Litigation Partner, joined this VAGM together with over hundreds of LAW delegates. This year conference featured discussions on timely and relevant topics, such as the pandemic’s impact on cross-border business, clients’ data protection, blockchain and digital asset.  In addition to the insightful content, the event included valuable networking opportunities for our members.


We hopefully to meet the LAW members in person in 2022!


Founded in 1989, LAWYERS ASSOCIATED WORLDWIDE is a global non-profit legal network of law firms in more than 170 jurisdictions in more than 50 countries. W.K. To & Co. is the exclusive member firm in Hong Kong, we have always been working with other LAW members across the globe for over a decade.