Corporate Events
25 Oct 2018
W. K. To & Co. welcomes PRC lawyers delegation to Hong Kong

On 25 Oct 2018, a delegation of  4 PRC lawyers including Yang Wei (Founding Partner, Tianjin Yang & Co. Law Firm and Vice-chairperson, Tianjin Lawyers Association),  Liu Yimo (Senior Partner, Tianjin DHH Law Firm), Luo Dechang (Partner, Sailee & Partners’ Law firm) and Tan Chunyan (Lawyer, Zhongsi Law Firm) visited our firm and were warmly received by Vivian Wong (Partner, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, W. K. To & Co.) and Kenny Chun (Consultant, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, W. K. To & Co.).


During the visit, each delegate provided an introduction of their respective firms and shared the key legal issues facing each region.  Vivian and Kenny described the Hong Kong legal framework and shared experience and insights about law firm management. The delegates had a lively and extensive discussion, recognizing the fact that there will be ample collaborative opportunities between Mainland and Hong Kong legal practitioners arising from the increasingly frequent interaction between both places.


We would like to take this chance to express appreciation to all delegates for visiting us. We look forward to visiting their firms in the future for further exchange of knowledge and experience.